The people's vape

The people's vape is a desktop vaporizer for dry herbs developed by the necessity for a simple and budget friendly way to enjoy vaporization.

Simple, minimalistic

Easy instructions for setting the desired temperature laser engraved below the controller interface.
6mm thick polycarbonate  cover on the vaporizing chamber allows easy access for loading or cleaning. 

Lasercut baltic birch plywood construction

Baltic birch plywood is known for its durability, stability, and smooth surface.
Power switch, 3 pin power socket with fuse protection.

Stainless stell mesh

Output is protected by a fine stainless steel mesh.

Innovative design

The shapes of the people's vape have a hint of a choo choo train going along.

Assembled vaporizer

The people's vape comes with the main unit, power cord and 4.5ft (1.4mt) 
CORR-A-FLEX transparent corrugated tubing that is designed for aerosol therapy.

Polycarbonate cover

Virtually "indestructible" 6mm thick thermoformed polycarbonate sheet
provides ample view of the vaping process and the condition of the material.